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Some of the way through which I can help you

First Time Home Buyers

I will walk you through every step of the way, help you budget, and inform you of all the costs of being a homeowner.

Debt Consolidation

I can help you save money and lower your monthly payments through refinancing

Investment Properties

There's lots to consider before buying a rental property, such as the type of mortgage you need and your budget. Real estate is an accessible investment for many average Canadians, which may help them earn extra income and may appriciate in value.

Self-Employed Clients

I can help you qualify for a higher mortgage amount and find a lender suitable for you. As a business owner, you may have larger expenses that qualify for tax write-offs and impact your declared income. I can connect you to lenders who can use alternative (more fair) ways to calculate your income.


I can help you get a better interest at the time of renewal and advise you on whether it's better to stay with your current lender or shop for better rates.

New Constructions

New construction mortgages are different and need expertise advice. I will make sure your financing is taken care of.

Vacation Homes

It's become even more difficult to rent a cottage since Covid-19 started. More families are therefore choosing to purchase a vacation property, where they can unwind and relax on their own terms. Imagine having the freedom to go to the lake anytime you please!


Whether you'd like to upgrade your bathroom or have the inspiration to re-do the entire house, I'm here to provide financing and advice for your project.

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