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Natalie Romanyuk

When you go through the motions of buying a property, you want someone with experience by your side every step of the way. As a certified mortgage agent, I go the extra mile while helping clients buy or refinance their homes.

About me..

I was born in the beautiful & historical city of Lviv, Ukraine. At the age of 12, I moved to Toronto with my mom and my life in Canada began. I studied Business Economics at University, with a big passion for Macroeconomics (it helped me make sense of the world). I learned French and studied in Lyon, France for a semester, and then I spent 4 years working for a one of the top Financial Institutions in Canada. I'm fluent in Ukrainian and Russian, and can try to attempt a little bit of Polish (learned from flight attendants at LOT Airlines during my many travels) and French (if you speak to me slowly).


Currently, I live in Little Italy in Toronto with my 10 year old dog, Leo. 

As a Financial Advisor at a bank, I discovered how much I enjoy helping my clients with home financing. My love for mortgages grew much further when I joined Mortgage Architects as I'm now able to offer my clients better solutions, save them more money, and help them reach their goals that once seemed unattainable. 

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