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Natalie Romanyuk

When you go through the motions of buying a property, you want someone with experience by your side every step of the way. As a certified mortgage agent, I go the extra mile while helping clients buy or refinance their homes.

My Areas of Expertise


Whether you’re buying your first home or looking for a new investment property, I can help you find the best rates, products, and guide you through the process from a pre-approval to closing. I strive to make the experience easy and stress-free.


Whether you want to renovate your kitchen, build a pool for your kids, or even buy a yacht to get away from it all, I will provide you the best options when it comes to refinancing your home.


Does your current lender really have the best rates and conditions? Let me find out! I'm happy to do the shopping for you.

If you are looking for advice but are finding too many conflicting answers on the internet or from your friends, I'm happy to be the honest voice of reason. Whether you want to know how much you need to save to buy your dream house, or if you just want to understand mortgages better, give me a call.




These are some of the lenders that I work with